Tuesday, October 20, 2009

this is me..!

-As a Cancer born between 14th and 22nd July you are prone to a dreamy and idealistic attitude in life. You like the idea of being compassionate and forgiving to everyone and serve the needs of friends and family well. That抯 fine but don抰 forget that you have needs as well.
-You can always talk about any subject with anyone. That retentive memory is a help here, as is your impartial, even-handed approach to people generally. Dealing with people comes naturally to you: add this to your shrewdness and intuition, and you are likely to be a good businessperson. You can also use these skills in managing your day-to-day life.
-You love to collect or keep mementos ?such as scrapbooks and other bits and pieces ?that bring back memories of good times and people you care about. You have a great memory, not just for facts, but also any good turn or kindness you抳e received.
-You are a consummate homemaker. Even men born under this sign express the 慺eminine?aspect of their character in their love of the kitchen, and activities that make them feel secure in their domestic space.
-Sometimes you can get locked into your own private lifestyle, and only come out at full Moon. Being a recluse is not for you, though ?share your talents and love with the world. Some of this is down to your love of the night.
-Cooking is also a great outlet for you. Even if you cook as a hobby rather than as a job, you will find that it balances your state of mind over time.
-Creative enterprises are a great way to make the most of your moods and your imagination. Music and writing are perfect vehicles for you. You can express the inner part of your being as entertaining literary, art or music pieces.

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